About the company

The market demand gave the driving force to Termnet

In 2006, we got the task to develop an affordable solution for a server application which was supposed to function without interruption almost all year round. We considered various options and offered at this time a novel solution based on virtual servers. The customer received a solution to his problem and Termnet started off. There were more customers requesting a server solution without a large primary investment and in 2007 we accommodated our infrastructure of virtual servers to Linxtelecom server building specially constructed for that purpose. We develop and constantly improve our infrastructure. Meeting customer requests and on the basis of our competence we offer software licenses and from 2010 also SaaS services.

An experienced team of enthusiasts

The decision to create own business was helped by the fact that Termnet´s team members are genuine enthusiasts of the field. They are interested in and familiar with trends of their field, new opportunities and changing technologies. Our long experience in business class server solutions and drive systems ensures the smooth running of the equipment. We know what kind of equipment ensures top quality infrastructure. Our experience confirms that the quality is not the issue to haggle about.

Flexible, competent and reliable partner

Having a thorough knowledge that different services need different environments, we understand that there are no typical clients - each customer's needs are unique. For different applications we can provide virtual servers with optimum configuration and we offer free consultations during the adjustment period. We monitor all the customer´s virtual servers and immediately inform about the occurring abnormality in the process. We consult our customers as their needs of software hosting change.

Our specialists are familiar in details about the options of software license purchase or renting. They assist to find most reasonable licensing plan, preventing over- or under licensing. 

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