Iaas Paas Saas

Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

IaaS is the server, hard disk space and network infrastructure service set over the Internet. The customer selects the optimal size virtual machine where to create his own environment from the operating system up to the end application. Termnet´s vInfra is the IaaS type of cloud service.

Platform as a Service - PaaS

PaaS is a platform (hardware, operating system and hard disk space) service over the Internet. In case of PaaS -i the operating system and the Framework are specified, the customer´s option is to find or create the application which to run within the Framework. PaaS´s frameworks are MS Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL, .NET, Sharepoint or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). The PaaS´s type of service is such as Microsoft Azure, by some admission a classic web hosting can also be counted in.  

Software as a Service - SaaS

SaaS is a software service over the Internet. Allows you to input of data to the existing on-line application (eg, accounting, production or store application) SaaS´s type of service is Office 365, G-mail, salesforce.com  etc.


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