Server room

Termnet´s servers are located in a stone building which was constructed in 2001 especially for housing servers. The building is administrated by Linxtelecom. The metal caisson shielding the building protects against electromagnetic fields and other harmful external influences. The house is surrounded by barbed wire fence, on the the yard there is a video surveillance.

Both the territory and the building are accessible only for authorized persons, a personal card gives the right to move only in a stated zone. All rooms in the building have G4S video surveillance.

In order to avoid contact with liquids, the building is designed so that the water and sewer systems do not pervade server areas. 

Server power runs through the UPS-s (AC 220V +/- 15 %, 50 +/- 2 Hz). If a disruption occurs in UPS primary input voltage, the spare generators start to work to ensure uninterrupted power supply to UPS and keep the batteries charged. The servers are equipped with duplicated electrical circuit each of which has its own separate UPS-s and generators.

Duplicated air conditioning work the same way for each input provided by UPS. The inner temperature of 20 ± 2 ° C, relative humidity of 50 ± 20 %.

The building has gas extinguisher.

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