Taavi is both the chief executive and the system administrator. He is responsible for running the company and maintains a variety of systems. Interest in computers arose in the early 90's when the XT computer was brought home. In 2012 he defended his Ph.D. in computer and systems engineering.


Taavi Viilukas

tel. (+372) 56 156 788
email: taavi [at]




Kristjan  is a hardware specialist and Termnet´s system architect. He is able to describe the function of every tiny part or cable in the server room and knows precisely the contents of the complex IT definitions. Kristjan started to work on the hardware and network since 1995 and is the co- founder of Termnet.


Kristjan Kuusk

tel. (+372) 51 11 256
email: kristjan [at]




Kaja deals with the office and administration. She takes care that billing is done, contracts properly filed, coffee is served and printer is running. She has an earlier experience as office manager with several tens of employees. She is familiar with Termnet from company´s early days but joined herself in autumn 2014.


Kaja Viilukas

tel. (+372) 56 479 374
email: kaja [at]






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