For CEO:

  • Designed for IT critical companies
  • Monthly based IT-budget, including license fees
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99.98% per year
  • Fast resource adding
  • No need to invest in hardware and server room
  • Costs based on your particular needs, no need to pay for useless resource
  • More beneficial compared to equal physical system


For IT-specialist:

  • Wide range of supported operational systems
  • Dynamic reconfiguration
  • Duplicated business class hardware
  • Parallel external network connections
  • Located in secure server building 
  • No need for physical server maintenance and delivery of spare parts
  • 24h monitoring of devices
  • Direct contact with administrators



Do you need a server for your business software?

Termnet Eesti is a business-class cloud service company.

Termnet started with hosting business class software at 2006. Although the company's early days were the concepts of „cloud services and cloud technologies“ yet unknown, our server hosting responded to the technical solution of a cloud service at that time already. Termnet has a mission to continue providing high-availability service.


What makes Termnet special? In other words - our strenghts:

  • Customer-centred approach - there are no identical customers for us as we provide tailor made solutions
  • Flexibility for the client - we offer an optimal solution based on customer needs
  • 24 hours customer support, which also works after office hours, during weekends and holidays
  • Direct contact with the administrator - no helpdesk bureaucracy that does not help in emergency cases
  • Explaining the technical nuances
  • Termnet´s physical servers are located in Estonia
  • When making invoices we use the principle „pay for the services you use, not for the services you think you use“ 
  • We respect the customer and his needs – if our solutions does not suite best, we honestly say that