Business class cloud service 99,98%


Security and high reliability has been achieved with infrastructure of Termnet´s data center. Termnet´s customer has a virtual server on this infrastructure where he can install the suitable operating system. The customer will manage the server himself through a secure VPN connection (boot, reboot, shut down, etc.). Termnet will guarantee excellent reliability and security of the server.

Using Termnet´s cloud service the customer has no need to invest in constructing high technology server solution. Termnet is using only highest quality hardware to ensure high reliability. We continuously invest in development of infrastructure and use the best available hardware and software in the world.

Business cloud service combines cloud servers and operating systems on the basis of a monthly fee. The customer can choose capacity (CPU and RAM), disk space (storage), operating system (OS), connectivity and security for their business applications. Cloud service capacity can be increased or decreased continuously in order to keep customer´s costs under control.

Cloud services is cheaper than maintaining your own server system. When higher reliability is needed, the more high technology hardware for duplicating is needed and it has to be constantly renewed. Termnet´s servers are located in a specially constructed building in Tallinn, Estonia.

In this building it is guaranteed:

  • Multiple sources of electrical power including local generator
  • Multiple internet connections
  • Duplicated UPS Systems
  • Duplicated switches and firewalls
  • Redundant hardware
  • Duplicated drive system components
  • Backup physically in another location
  • Duplicated AC
  • Gas extinguisher
  • Video surveillance which is monitored
  • Authorized access only

Termnet provides 24/7 technical support to it's cusomers. Each customer will be created a cloud service based on his needs. At the same time the customer will not pay for unnecessary services. It means we offer tailor made services.  


vInfra LIGHT

favorable and fast hosting for simple needs


soultion for business that needs high reliabilty and has many users


for high critical business 



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