vInfra ENTERPRISE 99,98%

vInfra Enterprise is designed for companies that need excessive reliability and 24 hours availability (SLA 99.98 %).

Maximum reliability and speed

IaaS type premium-class cloud solution vInfra ENTERPRISE machine is specially designed for highly critical business solutions where even very short failures bring extensive financial loss. Thus vInfra ENTERPRISE suits for companies whose IT must be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round.


vInfra ENTERPRISE machine:

  • There is no extra fee for joining vInfra virtual server services. After the server has been set up the test period will follow. Termnet´s administrators will adjust the vInfra ENTERPRISE machine to fit the exact needs of your company. The length of the test period shall be agreed with each customer personally.
  • vInfra ENTERPRISE machine subscribers have  direct contact with the server administrators. Compared to the helpdesk system direct contact ensures fast and easy change of information which is a prerequisite for operational solution to the problem.
  •  Adding any resources needed will be done at suitable time for the customer, even at 3 am.
  • Fully duplicated infrastructure from market leaders of the sector: Cisco network equipment. EMC drive systems, Cisco UCS blade servers. High technology minimizes failures and interruptions.
  • Virtualizing platform VMware Enterprise Plus ensures uninterrupted operation even during the maintenance of physical servers because vInfra ENTERPRISE machine will be transparently moved to another physical server.
  • Monitoring and automatic notification of errors help to detect errors already before the emergency and to intervene in the process immediately.
  • vInfra ENTERPRISE machine performance data is monitored in real time. In addition, the customer can use the control panel to restart or switch on-off the server, connect media devices and connect to the snapshot (a copy of the current disk and memory) storage.
  • The disk system with SAN (Storage Area Network) architecture is extremely secure and reliable, because in SAN architecture data is situated on multiple disks and all the controller hardware is duplicated.
  • vInfra platform´s physical servers are located in a secure building that is specially constructed for housing servers.
  • The company's existing infrastructure is integrated with applications in vInfra ENTERPRISE machine through a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.
  • vInfra ENTERPRISE machines are easy to reconfigure - the memory, processor and disk resources can be changed according to actual need. Thus IT costs will be kept in accordance with resources used in reality.
  • To ensure the privacy of each customer vInfra servers are separated in the private network segments and protected by firewalls. EVERY server has its own real IP Address.

vInfra ENTERPRISE machine configuration is expandable, minimum includes:

  • 1 CPU core 2000MHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB HDD
  • 1 external IP address

Technical information:

  • Service availability is 99.98 % SLA
  • Backup - daily copy to another physical location. Custom backup solutions are also possible.
  • Administration remote console VMware Infrastructure Client - dipslay, keyboard and mouse, remote on, off and reset. CD and floppy connection option.
  • The physical system monitoring and remote management 24h
  • System connections and power are duplicated.

Physical servers:

  • CISCO UCS blade systems
  • Monitoring the availability of servers 24h
  • Cisco SLA - the manufacturer's service contract 4h
  • Servers connections and power are duplicated

Disk systems:

  • EMC Fibre Channel disk systems
  • All disks in RAID + hot spare
  • EMC duplicated Storage Processors
  • EMC SLA - the manufacturer's service contract 4h
  • Disk Monitoring System 24h
  • Disk System connections and power are duplicated


  • Duplicated Cisco firewalls
  • Duplicated Cisco Layer 3 switches
  • Network monitoring 24h
  • Cisco SLA - the manufacturer's service contract 4h
  • Network equipment connections and power are duplicated

Server room:

  • Cutting-edge server room
  • Duplicated cabling
  • Duplicated UPS systems
  • Duplicated substations
  • Diesel generators for power back-up
  • Automatic gas extinguisher
  • Automatic climate control system
  • Physical security  for equipment, video surveillance

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