Termnet has a goal that our customers have the correct licenses at low prices necessary for their businesses. Termnet´s certified software professionals have an overview of the various license types from different producers. They also have a long-term experience mapping software needs in business, government and education institutions. We focus on Microsoft, Symantec, VMware and Citrix products, but we also offer other software applications licenses. 

There is no simple answer to the question "How much is ten Office (or Photoshop, antivirus etc.) license?" The needs of companies on using software are different - for some is suitable a licence depending on the number of workstations, for some other processor based licensing with unlimited number of users. There are companies who prefer to buy the software immediately, while others value the flexibility of renting software. Some value the benefits of Software Assurance, some others do not. Sometimes the opportunity to install the software on all workstations with one activation key is valued. The need could be an unrestricted right to use a software product family etc.

Microsoft licenses are divided into three groups: pre-installed software (OEM), shell products, and wholesale licenses. Each group has different operating conditions, the most flexible is a wholesale license and most limited is the pre-installed software. However, limited license can be upgraded in certain circumstances to extended license. Additional software insurance, however, gives access to the various support programs and software updates.

Thus depends the price of license of knowing the terms of the licenses and how well one knows his needs.  At first glance, inexpensive solution may eventually prove to be costly and inappropriate. The reason is lack of information of nuances pertaining to the different licenses types, the transition from using one software system to the other or knowledge of campaign products. Therefore, it pays off prior to the acquisition of software consult to Termnet´s licensing specialists to find a solution based on company´s current needs.

If a company know its needs for the software, we make a license plan. For that we do following:

  • Compare the existing licensing to the business real license needs and to the options the manufacturer offers on licensing.
  • Find out what licensing is optimal - the classic users contract, hire purchase or lease agreement, marten or OEM product, whether the software insurance is needed.
  • Consider expediency of user, server or processor based licensing. Making the decision we take into consideration if the company has only virtual machines or in addition physical servers or working stations.

Once we have found the best solution, we deliver the selected licenses and also support the customer on installing and administration.