Microsoft SPLA

Microsoft SPLA - monthly Licensing

SPLA (Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement) is a flexible option to purchase Microsoft products for monthly lease rate based on real use. SPLA gives the right to use the latest Microsoft product. License minimum period is one month. Termnet is Microsoft SPLA partner since 2007.

In SPLA there are two types of licensing:

  • User-defined (SAL - Subscriber Access License). SAL requires a license for each person or device using corresponding server software and at the same time is not allowed to license both individuals and devices. A separate server license is not required with SAL.
  • Processor based - server software can be used by unlimited number of individuals and devices, payment will be done for each piece of software running the CPU.

It is important to note that the SPLA licenses can only be used in virtual or physical machines of service provider. Termnet as the SPLA service provider is obliged to check whether the customer license agreement is appropriate.