Benefits of a Cloud Service

Cloud service or cloud server or cloud hosting or virtual server or virtual dedicated server or hosting of virtual server or rent of privat server?

A common name for all the expressions listed above is a cloud service. Depending on the cloud hosting company´s business area the nuances of the content can vary, but in a broader sense is a cloud service marketing term which means the software hosting services. In other words, the customer software is running on a service provider's data centre (remote server).

Cloud services are characterized by:

  • optimized resource allocation based on the principle „as much as necessary and as little as possible“
  • dynamics – if customer´s needs will change the service capacity can be increased or decreased
  • saving costs at the expense of the hardware – to use a cloud service the customer needs just a computer and an internet connection.

Termnet offers as cloud services vINFRA virtual server`s lease. Shortly, the Vinfra machines VPS-s (Virtual Private Server) which reliability is ensured by additional infrastructure.

To whom?

Cloud Server rentals are suitable if the company has applications which must be always and everywhere accessible but does not want to invest in hardware and server room.

For example:

• Companies can focus on their core business, because production software hosted in a virtual server is always available

  • ogistics companies do not have to worry about the short shelf-life products will not reach customers in time due to server failure
  • Developers can prevent problems arising in operating environment supplying to the customer ready for application software in the virtual server or providing software as online service (SaaS)


Purchasing and maintaining of physical servers and network equipment is very expensive. Merely a few minut interruptions in the work of the IT system may result to be more expensive because of the production line stops, the important transaction will not be done or required information will not be sent. Rent of vINFRA virtual server ensures the continuous operation of e-storage, avoiding situations where "the server is down”, business process is disrupted and instead of the expected income there will be additional costs. In addition, before investing in servers, it is worth of taking into account the fact that according to studies, stands nearly 90 % of the server resources, mostly useless. By renting a server, the use of resources is optimized which enables to provide the server space cheaper.


vINFRA machine service provides the flexibility and freedom of choice. On customer's request, we can reconfigure the virtual server on an ongoing basis - to change the number of processor cores, main memory and hard disk size. With one restart the customer can upgrade the machine and does not need to wait for the time of delivery and installation of hardware.


All vINFRA system components are duplicated. Servers are located in a dedicated server room with video cameras, dubbed the internet connection, gas extinguisher and diesel generator power. In addition we offer a firewall and VPN services.


The servers we rent out are based on VMware Virtual Infrastructure virtual server technology, vINFRA machines server administration tool is the market leader VMware Infrastructure Client. Physically we use Enterprise class hardware (Dell, EMC and CISCO).

How does it work?

Like a physical server virtual server can be installed in a suitable operating system and application software. Also, all the server disk drives are used in the same way as a physical server. Administrating vINFRA does not require any additional hardware, the administrator of rental server is working on and off switchable vINFRA machine on his computer. vINFRA server administrator may also be Termnet if the customer does not want to administrate himself.

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